05/08/2024 - Voler Strategic Advisors Welcomes Alexandra Céspedes Kent as Communications & Marketing Director, Enhancing Leadership Team Amid Company Growth.

“Alexandra brings an innovative lens to cause marketing as well as decades of experience as a trusted advisor to CEOs, boards, and civic leaders from her various past roles as chief fundraising and communications officer at leading Bay Area nonprofits. Her appointment signifies our commitment to enhancing client services and expanding our capacity, particularly in serving the public sector and nonprofit clients,” Perla Rodríguez, CEO of Voler Strategic Advisors.

11/30/2023 - Rolando Bonilla Joins Board of San José Evergreen Community College District Foundation.

Bonilla understands the challenges faced by many college students and sees the need to provide meaningful support and an effective learning environment. As Board member of the San José Evergreen Community College District Foundation, Bonilla will be an advocate for student progress and the mission of the Foundation.

10/30/2023 - Voler Strategic Advisors Wins Gold at the 2023 NYX Awards.

Voler’s award-winning videos celebrate stories of resilience, impact and community empowerment. “We are proud of our partnerships with leading educational institutions and public service organizations, who are making a difference in their communities,” says Perla Rodriguez, CEO, Voler Strategic Advisors. “I appreciate the recognition of our talented, creative team for their tremendous dedication.”

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