Cities. Counties. Regional Districts. State Government.

Our team at Voler Strategic Advisors has extensive experience in political strategy and advocacy. We have worked in government, held political office, and have collectively formed a strong network with leaders throughout California. This background provides a unique vantage point in how we approach our work.

Political Strategy and Advocacy:

Understanding how to navigate complex political realities coupled with proper strategy can be a competitive advantage. Our consulting services can help you:

  • Navigate the political process.
  • Develop and execute a strategy to meet immediate and long-term goals.
  • Build community support to get things done.
  • Ensure that your projects move forward smoothly and expeditiously.

Local Government

Managing a local agency, whether a city, county, or regional district, is a highly complicated process that requires many moving parts coming together at the same time. As is often the case, a city’s most difficult scenario is one that is evolving at a rapid pace and the expertise required to solve the issue may not be readily available.

Voler brings forth expertise with a proven track record in helping cities face a myriad of challenges experienced every single day in cities across the nation.

  • Does your city need high-level executive consulting to assist with key initiatives?
  • Are you interested in identifying innovative ways to engage and seek feedback from constituents?
  • Do you need help with strategic planning?
  • How can you draw more visitors and investment opportunities to your community?
  • How can you communicate more effectively with multicultural and multilingual communities within your jurisdiction?