“We lead with a bold, entrepreneurial spirit and drive for achieving excellence and innovation. We transform organizations and elevate their levels of success through strategy, teamwork, and collaboration while leveraging the power of diversity and inclusion.”

-Perla A. Rodriguez, Chief Executive Officer.

Voler Strategic Advisors

Voler Strategic Advisors is a full-service strategic communications firm offering public relations, crisis management, and communications strategies that help organizations achieve their full potential. At Voler, we believe that great communications drive great results. Our goal is to establish a partnership with our clients in order to accelerate the progress they seek.

Leadership and Team

The Voler Strategic Advisors team is uniquely positioned to address our clients’ business needs and requirements. We are a dynamic group of highly experienced and skilled professionals from a variety of disciplines and sectors, known in our respective fields and communities for our expertise and commitment to achieving results.

With a diverse mix of PhDs, JDs, MPAs, and MBAs, Voler Strategic Advisors draws upon our training and extensive experience in communications, community engagement, government, leadership, management, politics, social media, health care, and diversity.

Perla A. Rodríguez

Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of corporate leadership experience, Perla A. Rodríguez, Chief Executive Officer, has assembled a phenomenal team of professionals, trained by the best universities around the world. Together with her team members, distinguished leaders in their fields, Voler Strategic Advisors is providing innovative strategies and solutions to help clients achieve their objectives.


Rolando A. Bonilla

Chief Strategy Officer

Serving as Voler Strategic Advisor’s Chief Strategy Officer, Rolando A. Bonilla brings to the organization over 20 years of experience working as a communications strategist. Bonilla has been frequently quoted in publications such as the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Mercury News. Additionally, he provides commentary for television both locally and nationally, offering expert opinion on political and communications issues.


Alexandra Céspedes Kent

Communications & Marketing Director

Alexandra brings an innovative lens to cause marketing as well as decades of experience as a trusted advisor to CEOs, boards, and civic leaders from her various past roles as chief fundraising and communications officer at leading Bay Area nonprofits. Her appointment signifies Voler’s commitment to enhancing client services and expanding our capacity, particularly in serving the public sector and nonprofit clients.


Diego Barragan

Director of Operations

Diego Barragan is Director of Operations at Voler Strategic Advisors. Barragan is an expert in strategy, messaging, policy development, policy analysis, budgets, and communications. Having served in government at both the federal and local levels, Diego Barragan brings a deep understanding of how government works, and how it can be utilized to move an agenda forward.


Beatriz Ferrari

Communications Manager

A nine-time Emmy Award winner and veteran journalist, Beatriz Ferrari serves as Voler Strategic Advisors’ Communications Manager, responsible for the development of client communications strategies with an emphasis on bilingual strategies. Additionally, she leads media relations efforts for the firm. Ferrari spent 18 years of her journalism career working at Univision KDTV 14 where she built her reputation as a fixture of the Bay Area press corps and won nine Emmy Awards. Previously, she reported for television and print media in Perú and Argentina.


Natalie Hernandez

Communications Specialist

Natalie Hernandez serves as the Communications Specialist for Voler Strategic Advisors. In this role, Hernandez is responsible for curating content for diverse clients and audiences through various communication channels, including social media and earned media. She contributes to the planning and execution of robust social media and marketing strategies, and monitors media to ensure real-time management and regular reporting.


Antonio Castillo

Creative Content Producer

Antonio is a Creative Content Producer at Voler Strategic Advisors, bringing extensive experience in creating video content across various industries, including education, engineering, and travel. Antonio’s ability to multitask as a videographer and content creator has been invaluable to his career and our production team at Voler. He contributes his talents in writing and acting to various video projects that cover a wide range of topics and audiences.


Nayeli Abundis Mora

Communications Associate

Nayeli, a Communications Associate at Voler Strategic Advisors, brings a rich background in marketing, sales, and customer service to her role. Being fully bilingual in Spanish and English, Nayeli’s fluency in both languages amplifies her communication expertise, enabling her to engage with diverse audiences seamlessly. Her robust academic foundation, coupled with her hands-on experience, positions her as a valuable asset to the Voler team.